Società Agricola F.lli Pinna

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Founded in 1900s

Based in: Sardinia

Producers of: Olive Oil

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The company, owned by the family since the early 1900s, began marketing the oil produced under the Antichi Uliveti del Prato brand in 1999 (with reference to the name of the locality where the olive groves are located).
In 2001 it started the production of Denocciolato di Bosana oil, following the intuition of the late Luigi Veronelli from the beginning. Cato spoke about pitted oil in the 2nd century. B.C. and Columella in the 1st century BC. calling it the oil of the emperors. The Romans believed that crushing only the pulp, extracting the stone, allowed them to obtain a far superior oil. This is promptly verified by important scientific research conducted by many research institutions.
In 2005 Maccia d'Agliastru oil was added.
The three oils, all strictly monovarietal (of the Bosana cultivar only), have different organoleptic characteristics. This is due both to the different pedoclimatic characteristics of the land intended for their production and to the different extraction system used: all with continuous cycle mills owned by the company and within four hours of harvesting.
Bosana is suitable for the production of both oil and table olives. It reaches maturity in the period between the end of November and January, and is harvested with the aid of high-tech mechanical means that allow it to be harvested through an umbrella that prevents the olives from coming into contact with the ground.
Alongside the production of extra virgin olive oils, the company has also been offering for several years a line of creams, vegetables and vegetables in oil, strictly from Bosana olives, using the company's products (artichokes, broad beans, mushrooms and beets), harvested and processed within very few hours with artisanal methods, according to ancient family recipes.

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