Roby Marton

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Founded in 1957

Based in: Veneto

Producers of: italian Spirits

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"I believe in destiny. It is not an already traced and inevitable path, but a vocation to be recognized and pursued, always. In one of my earliest childhood memories, I stick my hands in the pantry and steal a bottle of brandy, I must have been three years old. Perhaps even then it was the scents of liquors and vibrant colors through the potbelly surfaces of the glass that called me. Today my Gin tells this story once more. Its golden color that avoids white and reflects a warmer light, its round softness to fill the mouth in full, red berries, licorice and cren to invent a new language for a timeless story. A story that speaks of destiny, once again, of a land and its roots, to those who will listen to it." Roby Marton

Eleven Trade srl, was founded in 2013 with the aim of becoming a premium spirits distribution company that can reflect the love for the land and nature. In our products we look for quality through new flavors, that transport the mind of those who taste them to an emotional dimension of pleasure and escape.

Our modus operandi sees us attentive to the sustainability of our productions, pushing us to prefer recycled material, from the glass of bottles, to the paper labels and an ecological business style, aimed not only at protecting the environment but at enhancing it.

The search for local raw materials is another element that characterizes our products and our way of marrying the philosophy that the earth gives us more than we can ever make them.

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