Podere Guardia Grande

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Based in: Sardinia

Producers of: Vermentino, Cannonau di Sardegna e Cagnulari, o Alghero Cagnulari

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Sardinia is a miniature "continent", from which you are fascinated, of which you fall in love and to which you feel you must bring respect. In this genuine place, where beauty is overwhelming and everyone is immersed in their own time, we decided to create a new wine-growing project in Alghero: Podere Guardia Grande.

Here we produce our wines: Vermentino, Cannonau di Sardegna and Cagnulari, or Alghero Cagnulari, an autochthonous red berried grape typical of the small area north-west of the province of Sassari.

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Vermentino Saldenya

Cannonau Nascimento

Cagnulari Alghè