Pastificio Rustichella D'Abruzzo

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Founded in 1924

Based in: Abruzzo

Producers of: pasta

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For us producing pasta is an ancient art, heritage of history and culture of our land. Proud to be Italian and bring the Abruzzese pasta in the world.

We were born in 1924 when our grandfather Gaetano started his small artisan pasta factory in Penne, Abruzzo, in the Province of Pescara. Today, with the fourth generation in the company, we continue to produce pasta according to the rules of artisanal production.

We remain artisans in processes but at the forefront of research and innovation. In 1998 the company moved its pasta factory a few kilometers from Pianella, precisely to Moscufo. This new production reality is constantly being expanded but leaves indispensable the characteristics of production: craftsmanship, bronze drawing, slow drying, control of all phases. In 2020, Rustichella inaugurated the second production plant, dedicated for the most part to the production of egg pasta, adopting the new 4.0 digitization processes.

Hero Products

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