Nuovo Oleificio San Pasquale

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Founded in 1999

Based in: Sardinia

Producers of: Olive Oil

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The Oleificio San Pasquale is the expression of the fifth generation of a family-run business that produces organic extra virgin olive oil and PDO Sardinia in the olive groves around Sassari and in front of the Gulf of Asinara. The virtuous path that begins in the countryside continues in the oil mill, where, within 6 hours from the harvest, with cold extraction, we produce an oil rich in polyphenols and scents with an unmistakable flavor.

Our goal is to produce an extra virgin olive oil that, in addition to expressing those fragrances that gratify the palate and embellish the typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, has an important health component, an oil therefore, not only good, but also do well.

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