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Founded in 1995

Based in: Veneto

Producers of: Valpolicella, Garda e Lugana

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Montezovo is the company of the Cottini Family, which has always focused on the enhancement of the terroir and respect for biodiversity.

Montezovo wines are produced entirely with grapes from the vineyards of the main appellations of Verona: Valpolicella, Garda and Lugana. Each wine represents the most complete expression of the identity of the vineyard and the constant research, between innovation and sustainability. The heritage of biodiversity is its greatest value and is protected every day through the use of biological protocols and low environmental impact, meticulous attention in the cellar and full respect of family tradition.

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Amarone della valpolicella docg 2019 montezovo

Calinverno rosso veronese igt 2019

Lugana doc terralbe riserva 2020