Mirto Sannai

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Founded in 2009

Based in: Sardinia

Producers of: Mirto

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"Maneras anticas, fainas novas"

The Old within the New, the dexterity that seeks innovation, respecting nature, inspired by it and taking advantage of its fruits. The farm overlooks the Gulf of Marinella, 8km north of Olbia. Each of the selected plants of Myrtus Communis is perfectly iserita in what is their ideal natural context, none of them undergoes any phytosanitary treatment. 4000 bottles of Myrtle Liqueur and Bitter are produced per year, each of them is manually numbered.

Berries are the main ingredient, it enhances the organoleptic properties by combining the different varieties cultivated with 4 different types of myrtle.

Each ingredient is chosen on the basis of neutrality and the entire production, from harvesting to labelling, is strictly manual.

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