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Based in: Emilia Romagna

Producers of: Champagne and Wines

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Our research in the Champagne world started about 3 years ago with a first selection of 3 producers.

With the advice of Daniela Guiducci (trainer, enologist and delegate ONAV), Mauro Donatiello (best Sommelier "Emilia Romagna a tavola" 2023 and great connoisseur of Champagne) and Alberto Morselli (ONAV teacher and expert in communications) we continued the search for extraordinary producers and products, thus expanding our catalog that counts , to date, 12 Vignerons for a total of over 60 labels.

Fil rouge of our selection? Excellence, combined with a beautiful story to tell. All in a glass of bubbles!

Hero Products

Champagne Descboeufs & Fils

LaFalise Froissart Champagne

Champagne Marcoult