Apicoltura Brisi

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Based in: Sardinia

Producers of: honey

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Passions can be born in a thousand different ways.

Hundreds of kilometres from his home, in the heart of Europe, a young Sardinian learns to love the fascinating world of bees and, back in his homeland, transforms this passion and the knowledge he has acquired into a company.

It is thus that since the early eighties Costantino Brisi, on the west coast of Sardinia, transports its bees through the rich and uncontaminated nature of Planargia to seize, flowering after flowering, the most intense scents, the most particular notes for its honey.

Then, the great passions are transferred from generation to generation, so Brisi today is a family company attentive to every detail, which takes care of the product with the competence and love that only a craftsman knows how to cultivate, to transform his work into art.

Brisi, the art of honey gives extraordinary products.

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